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How to Clean Eyeglasses: Proper Care & Maintenance

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A man holds a bottle of eyeglass cleaner in his hand and sprays it on his eyeglasses.

How often do you experience the frustration of trying to see through smudged and dirty glasses? It can be a never-ending battle to keep your frames and lenses clean, especially if you have an active lifestyle or live in a dusty environment. 

Learning the proper care and maintenance techniques for eyeglasses can help you maintain your glasses for longer—so they can help you see clearly for longer. 

Follow these steps to clean your eyeglasses:

  • Rinse your glasses under warm (not hot) water.
  • Use your finger to cover the lenses with a mild soap or a lens cleaner.
  • Rinse the lenses thoroughly with warm water.
  • Cleanse the nose pads and arms with a rubbing alcohol towelette.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to wipe them dry. Don’t use an abrasive cloth or paper towels.
  • Don’t drip dry.

We’re always ready to help you learn more about taking care of your lenses—and your eyes. Our goal is to go beyond comprehensive eye exams and help you get all the information you need for your eye health and personal well-being. 

Why Is Cleaning Your Glasses Important?

The frustration of dealing with smudged lenses or blurry vision caused by dirty eyewear is a problem for many glasses wearers. Not only can it hinder your ability to see clearly, but it can also affect the longevity of your frame and lenses. Built-up dirt could lead to scratches and other damage. 

Not to mention, when you clean your glasses, you remove bacteria that can lead to eye infections. That’s why it’s important to make sure you take the time to properly clean your glasses on a regular basis. By doing so, you can avoid vision issues from cloudy lenses, help your glasses last longer, and reduce your risk of developing an infection. 

Why Should You Invest in Proper Eyeglass Care?

When scratches from dust, dirt, and debris ruin your glasses and make it difficult to see clearly, you might have to replace them. The cost of replacing broken or damaged glasses can really add up over time, especially if it happens frequently. 

By taking the time to clean your glasses properly, store them in a safe case, and get them adjusted by a professional when necessary, you can avoid unnecessary costs for early replacement. 

Tips for Daily Glasses Cleaning 

We know that moment when you put on your glasses and realize they’ve seen better days. Smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can really obscure your vision. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean them.

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your eyewear clean and clear: 

  • Always clean and dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth—it’s gentle on the lenses, won’t scratch them, and helps remove most smudges. 
  • Use soap and water to help with stubborn dirt or grease. 
  • Avoid hot water, which can damage the lenses. 
  • Make it a daily habit. 
  • Clean the nose pads and arms with an alcohol towelette. 

With these tips, you can keep your glasses in shape—so they can continue to help you see the world clearly.

How to Properly Store Your Glasses

We know the struggle of keeping glasses in good condition. It’s all too easy to carelessly toss them onto a countertop or coffee table, only to find scratches on the lenses the next day. That’s why we strongly recommend using a case or picking a safe, designated spot to store your glasses. 

Not only can a case protect your glasses from scratches, but it also helps keep them safe from any accidents that may occur, like accidentally sitting on them or knocking them off a table. Plus, having a specific spot for your glasses can be a helpful routine to incorporate into your daily life. 

The Benefits of Using a Lens Cleaning Solution

We all want to take the best care of our lenses, whether it’s for our glasses, camera, or binoculars. Using a proper lens cleaner solution can make a significant difference in the lifespan and performance of your lenses. Lens cleaners can help remove smudges, fingerprints, and other stubborn marks that might obstruct your view. 

We also recognize the importance of choosing eco-friendly options for lens cleaners. There are several natural lens cleaner solutions available that are gentle on the environment while still helping effectively clean your lenses. In a pinch, you can also use gentle dish soap in place of a lens cleaner, but you should confirm with your eye doctor that soap won’t affect any coatings on your lenses. 

A woman in an eye clinic shaking hands with her optometrist.

Support for Clear Vision

Don’t forget that professional cleaning and adjustments at an optometrist’s office can also be a part of your eyeglass maintenance routine. When you visit us at Rutland Optometry, we’ll take the time to ask you how your glasses fit and make adjustments to help them continue to support your vision and comfort. Let’s continue to prioritize your eyeglasses and eye health together. Schedule an eye exam today to speak with us about all your needs.


Written by Dr. Sunil Parekh

Sunil grew up in Kamloops and then completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo.
This led him to London, England, where he completed his optometry degree and gained experience at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital. After enjoying travelling around Europe with his wife, the two decided to make the move back to Canada and settle in the Okanagan. Sunil enjoys managing many eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. In his spare time, he enjoys working out and travelling.

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