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Providing Expert Care For Every Kind of Eye Emergency

Rutland Optometry is committed to providing high-quality, fast-acting care to our patients who are dealing with unresolved eye emergencies. If you are currently experiencing an eye emergency, it is crucial that you contact our office right away — if your situation requires immediate medical attention, we recommend visiting our office as soon as you possibly can. The quicker you address an eye emergency, the more effective your treatment will be.

Prevention is Your Best Defence

Protecting your eyes from eye emergencies is the best way to avoid dealing with issues in the first place. Browse our frames and lenses for specialty eyewear that can help you avoid eye emergencies like blunt trauma impacts, scratches or cuts, and foreign objects getting in your eye.

Common Eye Emergencies

You should always seek medical attention if you are experiencing any of the following eye emergencies. The knowledgeable and trained team at Rutland Optometry will be able to get you the best treatment suited to your needs.

Small particles and objects such as dust, dirt, and sand can get into your eyes and cause an irritated and scratchy feeling. If you get a small foreign object caught in your eyes, you should:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, then try to flush the object out of your eye with a gentle stream of clean, warm water. You can use a small, clean drinking glass positioned so it is resting on the bone at the base of your eye socket to make this process easier.
  • If you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s best to remove the lens before or while you’re irrigating the surface of the eye with water. Sometimes a foreign body can be stuck to the undersurface of the lens.
  • If the object does not dislodge, becomes embedded, or pain persists for more than 24 hours, you should visit Rutland Optometry for treatment from one of our eye doctors.

If you get a larger foreign object such as glass or metal embedded into your eye, it should not be touched and you should seek immediate medical attention.

While working, playing sports, or just performing your daily routine, your eye may become scratched or cut due to an external injury. When your eye is cut or scratched, you should:

  • Gently apply a clean cold compress to your eye — this will reduce swelling and help stop any bleeding. Do not try to overexert pressure to control any bleeding.
  • If blood begins pooling in your eye, cover both of your eyes with a clean cloth or sterile dressing.
  • Seek medical help right away.

Blunt trauma occurs due to being hit or impacted in the eye — likely, this will result in a black eye and other injuries to the surrounding area of the eye. If you are struck in the eye, try to:

  • Gently apply a cold compress on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Not overexert pressure on the affected area.
  • If a black eye, pain, or visual disturbance occurs even after being hit, you should immediately contact Rutland Optometry. Even mild trauma can cause retinal detachment.

The most common way to receive chemical injuries is being overexposed to harmful gases or liquids and not wearing proper safety eyewear. Chemical injuries from exposure to an alkali is typically more detrimental and more common than exposure to an acid. If you are currently experiencing a chemical burn or injury, you should:

  • Always seek immediate medical attention — chemical injuries cannot be treated by home remedies alone
  • Flush the affected eye with a gentle stream of cool tap water right away. Turn your head so the injured eye is down and to the side, then hold your eyelid open and allow clean water to flush your eye for 15 minutes.
  • If both eyes have been affected, or if the chemicals splashed onto other parts of the body, take a shower as well as flush your eyes.
  • If it is applicable, remove your contacts after flushing your eye if they did not fall out already.

The most common type of infection our patients deal with is conjunctivitis (pink eye). This infection can be viral, bacterial, or allergic, so treatment can vary depending on the specifics of your situation. Most forms of pink eye disappear on their own, but in severe cases, you may need to take antibiotics. If you are experiencing any symptoms of conjunctivitis, do not hesitate to:

  • Seek medical attention from one of our professional eye doctors at Rutland Optometry.
  • Apply a clean compress to your eyes — Generally, a cool compress will feel the most soothing, but you can also use a warm compress if you prefer. If you are only being affected in one eye, make sure you avoid touching both eyes with the same cloth — this reduces the risk of spreading the infection from one eye to the other.
  • Try over-the-counter eyedrops — artificial tears may relieve some symptoms of pink eye, and at the least will keep your eye moist. Eyedrops that contain antihistamines or other types of medication may be able to help you if you have allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Stop wearing contact lenses — wearing contact lenses can cause further irritation, and may become contaminated if worn while dealing with conjunctivitis.

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